iShop Turquoise Mountain

Hand-made gold jewellery and textiles

This building was preserved at the request of the son of this Chinese family. It’s a wonderful location for Turquoise Mountain.
— Harry Wardill

Reviving traditional crafts

In the jewellery workshop Tin Win, goldsmiths from Rakhine in Western Burma are working on a contemporary jewellery line. The designs are from famous British anthropologist/ artist Pippa Small who got inspired by ancient Burmese art and Buddhist imagery, a homage to the rich aesthetics of Myanmar culture.

Talents from the golden land

Myanmar has a rich jewellery tradition - gold artefacts date back to the very creative and fertile Pyu Era (before Christ) - but because of the war years, many traditional hand-made techniques and Burmese designs have become rare and these days the markets are flooded with Thai and Chinese jewellery. Turquoise Mountain is an NGO working to revive these old techniques and craftsmanship and celebrate the beauty of its unique hand-crafted quality.

Textile partnership

Turquoise Mountain is also working with handwoven textiles from across Myanmar, creating homewares, clothing and accessories, designed and finished in their Yangon workshop, securing livelihoods for the workers and their families.

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