iShop Kwok Kee Woodware Sculptures

Traditional woodware and sculptures shop

Meet the wood craftsmen

Kwok Kee is one of the few woodware shops in Hong Kong that specializes in wood statues of Chinese gods and idols, ritual supplies, and ancestral tablets. Opened in 1985 by the two Kwok brothers, they produce delicately crafted wood ornaments and statues, mainly for Chinese restaurants and the fishermen community in Yau Ma Tei.

Family business

Coming from a family of wood craftsmen, the Kwok brothers began learning wood carving at the age of 10 from their grandfather. The front of the shop is run by the younger brother, Kwok Yat Tin, while the elder brother, Kwok Yat Bin focuses on sculpting grand tablets and statues. Have a look at the wooden plaque of their shop, it is a masterpiece by the brothers.

Nothing can replace the warmth of handcrafted woodware.
— the Kwok brothers

Preserving the human touch

With the development of machine technology and fishermen no longer living at sea, the wood crafting business in Hong Kong declined. Today, many woodware shops import manufactured products from the mainland, the Kwok brothers insist on handcrafting their wares. They believe that nothing can replace the warmth of handcrafted woodware.

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