iSee The Pawn

Luxury eateries in renovated pawnshop

King of pawnbrokers

The Pawn is made up of four connected pre-war shop houses. One of these was home to an old and famous Wanchai landmark: Wo Cheong Pawn Shop和昌大押, dating back to late 19th century. The Lo’s were known as the ‘King of pawnbrokers’; they still operate over 20 shops in the area. The pawnshop moved out when this stretch was renovated in 2007. It now houses Western eatery The Pawn, attracting yet a different type of clientele.

Historical roots

Visit this historical gem to get a glimpse of pre-war Wanchai. Many of the building’s architectural features have been kept: the typical façade with wide columned verandas, terrazzo floor and iconic signage. Even the original nameplate of The Hong Kong Yue Clansmen Association is still there: 余氏宗親會」

Nice to know

The oldest pawnshop of Hong Kong, Chun Yuen Pawnshop, is still in operation. It is in remote Yuen Long, established over 200 years ago!

Get a glimpse of pre-war Wanchai in this historical gem.
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