iSurprise Lee Tung Street / Tai Wong Street East

Traditional eateries and hipster cafes side by side - Wanchai is where old meets new

Wedding card street

For a century, Lee Tung Street was THE place for all soon-to-be married couples. Lined with printing companies, this was undeniably the best place to have your wedding invitations printed.

Gradually fade out

The original tenants had to move out to make place for a fashionable shopping destination Lee Tung Avenue. The wedding theme has remained in the new establishment…

Old meets new

A wave of new shops has opened on Lee Tung Street and nearby Tai Wong Street East: hipster cafes, fusion eateries and Western bakeries attract a young generation from all over the city. They mix effortlessly with the old kaifong who are still enjoying their authentic fare at original mum-and-pop shops.

Lee Tung Street was filled with happy and profound memories for almost every Hong Konger.
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