iShop Chat Kee Bicycle Co.

King of bikes in Wanchai

King of bikes

This no-nonsense bicycle shop at the corner of Wanchai Road, has been a neighbourhood icon for generations. Chat Kee still is the kaifongs’ go-to store for all bikes: “My mother got my bike here when I was a kid, and we would always come back for repairs,” says ex-resident Eric. For many Wanchai schoolkids the offering at Chat Kee was popular eye candy: “After school we’d first go toy window-shopping at CC Wu Building and then to Chat Kee to look at bicycles”.

Reliving a childhood dream

Now one of the longest-standing businesses in the area, Chat Kee is popular as ever. The façade is like in the old days, with its treasured original design, but they have the newest models in store. High demand among parents, keen to re-live their childhood memories.

My mother got my bike here at Chat Kee, and would always come back for small repairs
— Eric, former resident
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