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You have to start counting somewhere

  • เลขที่ 723 ถนนสี่พระยา บางรัก Bangkok 10500

House No.1

Coming from Warehouse 30, after passing another mural you see the first-ever house with a street number in the whole of Bangkok. This property (House Number 1) opposite the Sheraton is part of Rattanakosin history. It was King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) who requested Privy Purse to manage the land and the first owner of the building was a French distillery.

An old mansion house surrounded by lots of new modern buildings. Very clean and neat atmosphere.

Captain Bush Lane

This lane was home to several members of Bangkok's early European expatriate community in the middle of the 19th century, when the signing of the Bowring Treaty in 1855 opened Siam to Western trade. One of the early residents was Captain John Bush, an influential English sea captain after whom the street is named. He was a significant historical figure during King Rama IV’s reign. He arrived in 1857, two years after the treaty was signed, when foreign ships lining up to get into the harbour, which stretched all the way from Chinatown down past the point where we stand today. To bring order to the increasing chaos, King Rama IV appointed the captain as Harbour Master, a position he held for thirty years, eventually retiring as Admiral John Bush of the Siam Royal Navy.

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