iSee Tin Hau Temple

Protecting Taipa’s fishing community

First temple in Taipa Village

Tin Hau temple - dedicated to the goddess of the sea - dates back to the 18th century, the days when Xiangshan pirates dominated the Macau waters and the Taipa villagers lived in constant fear of attacks. One day in 1833 - despite the help of more than 200 recruited volunteers - TaipaIsland was rampaged and many lives were lost in the battle. To honour those who died the temple was completely renovated.

Although this temple is very small, there are many pilgrims who come to pray for blessings.

Fishing Village Restaurant

In the original chamber hall of the temple, you now find Taipa Fishing Village Restaurant. In business for over 20 years, they have been serving seafood and Cantonese dishes, with original flavors and style. Drop in and experience the village atmosphere of Taipa in the 70’s. For some years - long before it was a restaurant - a local villager named Li Liang ran a private Confucian school in the temple hall.

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