iEat Lord Stow’s Bakery

Original legendary Portuguese egg tarts

Portuguese egg tarts

Ironically it was an Englishmen who is responsible for what is now Macau’s most famous snack: the ‘Portuguese’ egg tart.

I often come to this old shop to buy breakfast.

Coloane Bakery

The iconic Lord Stow’s Bakery was founded in Macau’s most southern island Coloane, by Andrew Stow who fell in love with the creamy custard filling, caramelized custard top and flaky crust of the popular Portuguese Pasteis de Nata when he visited Lisbon in the mid-80s. An industrial pharmacist by training, Andrew spent months experimenting with recipes until he had produced something similar to Pasteis de Nata. His little Coloane bakery quickly became famous for just that one item: ‘Portuguese’ egg tarts.

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