Young man, there’s no need to feel down…

‘Young man, no need to feel down’

The Young Man’s Christian Association (YMCA) first came to Hong Kong in 1901. Established in London, the YMCA’s aim was to help the working class who suffered from work pressure and fatigue to get rid of their ‘bad habits’. Providing lots of recreational and social activities alongside moral guidance, the YMCA became a household name for youth education during the industrial revolution.

In Hong Kong the YMCA initially occupied a rented residential flat at Des Voeux Road Central, but with rapidly increasing membership numbers, the youth club moved into new premises at the present site in 1918 which included – and was very modern for the time - a gymnasium and an indoor swimming pool.

Spot the fire escape

Built of red Canton brick and adorned with green Chinese tiles along the roof, this is a typical example of the eclectic architecture of the time. An interesting design touch and quite uncommon in Hong Kong, is the typical North American metal fire escape.

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