iSleep YHA Mei Ho House

Hip city hostel in a former public housing estate

Block 41

This bright orange building is Hong Kong’s newest youth hostel, but its real claim to fame is that it is the city's oldest public housing estate. Block 41 is the only surviving building of the first group of public housing estates. While the others were demolished and replaced by better-quality estates, block #41 was simply left abandoned in the urban jungle.

A hip youth hostel

Operated by the HK Youth Hostel Association, the old housing estate has been transformed into a hip hostel with 129 rooms (at 25 sqm, considerably more spacious than the old public housing apartments) and all facilities a modern traveller needs, including a cool rooftop.

Reconstructing the livelihood

Make sure you pay a little visit to the Mei Ho House museum located on the ground floor. This is the place where you can really step into the shoes of public housing residents in the past, through taking a glimpse of the exquisitely reconstructed rooms and public areas.

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