iDrink Wah Nam Cafe

Vintage Style Cha Chaan Teng

Back to the 70s

Opened in 1979, Wah Nam Café has been one of the longest-standing cha chaan tengs in Sham Shui Po. Push open the glass door, and your mind is catapulted back to the 1970’s. The retro-style interior design, the sweet aroma of typical cha chaan teng food and the aunties and uncles chit-chatting or reading newspapers at their own pace.

When your loyal old customers stop appearing for a while, you know they are probably dead.
— Mr. Chow

Passing down the torch

Now old and far on in years, founder Mr. Chow has retired and his son, who still humbly claims himself a ‘waiter’ has taken over the daily operations: “We serve a lot of loyal old customers here, many of which have been patronizing since my father’s time. It’s sad to say, but when some of them stop appearing for a while, you know they are probably dead.” Mr. Chow has two simple wishes—to continue serving the neighborhood and to pass down the nostalgic flavours that can only be found in traditional cha chaan tengs.

Our favourites

Genuinely brewed with their traditional recipe, milk tea here at Wah Nam ($13) embodies the perfect level of silkiness and mellowness, all in one sip. Fancy a bite as well?Make sure you don’t miss out their home baked goodies. We recommend their egg tarts ($4) and pineapple buns ($8), all freshly made and reasonably priced.

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