iDrink Toolss

Chilled out coffee bar cum stationary shop

Chill out with the locals

Tucked away between a hardware store and a car repair shop is this charming coffee shop. Customers chill out with coffee, laptops and friends at the open bar or folding chairs perched between the flowerpots on the pavement.

More than a handful of tools

TOOLSS is not just an ordinary café; it doubles as a stationary shop. So with a hot cappuccino in hand you can browse an impressive collection of one-of-a-kind stationary imported from Taiwan, Japan and Korea, from pencils to cute notebooks…TOOLSS is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon sipping your coffee while making some sketches of the neighbourhood with a newly purchased and freshly sharpened pencil.

I was born and raised in this street, that’s why I started my first coffee shop here.
— Kecoj, Owner

Neighbourhood belonging

Kecoj, the shop owner, is no stranger to the area. Though he moved to the New Territories when he was in secondary school, he never forgot the smells and sounds of the place where most of his childhood was spent. It was Kecoj’s dream to own a café and when he found that perfect street corner, he knew this was the place to start his business.

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