iSurprise SCAD

Award winning design school in former magistracy

The house of law

When it was built in the 1950s, the West Kowloon Magistracy was the neighbourhoods’ most prominent landmark.In those days this area was a hotbed of prostitution, gambling, looting and gang riots so it was one of the busiest courthouses in town. But as the years went by, the court’s business reverted to more trivial matters such as illegal hawking and the magistracy was finally shut down in 2005.

Now a school of design

The rule of law has been replaced with the spirit of design. The building is now the Hong Kong campus of SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design).The courtroom has been turned into a lecture hall, offices have become photo-labs and former cells have been converted into creative studios. All new functions so sympathetically respect the old function of the building that it was awarded the UNESCO-Asia Pacific Award in 2011. Because it is a school, SCAD is not open to the public, but we highly recommend the 45 min guided tour. Pre-book at the website.

The renovation won a UNESCO heritage award for respecting the old function of the building while equipping it for a creative future.

SSP through the eyes of students

In 2010 SCAD students hit the streets of Sham Shui Po to document the rich history and unique vibe of the Sham Shui Po community, which culminated in a photographic book ‘Tilting the Lens’.Insightful, bilingual and beautifully illustrated, it is available from selected GOD stores as a well as the SCAD e-shop.

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