iSurprise Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Worker’s factory turned creative incubator

Factory turned creative incubator

This once was a typical 1970s Hong Kong industrial building filled with small factories producing anything from shoes and watches to mahjong sets. Nowadays the machinery is for decorative purposes only and the huge space has been transformed into a home for the creative industry. Over 100 artists have taken up residence in a variety of disciplines: painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass art, printmaking, installation, photography, animation, video production, music, dance and drama.

Our favourites

We like the HK Street Culture Museum on the 2nd floor. Here you find the personal memorabilia collection of the founders of quirky local lifestyle brand Goods of Desire (GOD). An intimate glimpse in the city’s rich cultural past. Or have a cup of tea at the Heritage tea House on the ground floor. This tranquil café is a great place for an excellent dim sum lunch with tea inspired desserts.

Fancy a weekend getaway? Come to JCCAC

Although many of studios may be empty on weekdays (being an artist in Hong Kong often necessitates having an additional daytime job in considerably less exciting surroundings), weekend are frequently filled with events, themed exhibitions and experimental performances.Stay tuned for the annual Arts Festival in December and quarterly JCCAC Arts and Crafts Fairs.

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