iShop Fuk Wing Street

Colourful plastic toys, dolls, shoes & flowers

Streets of prosperity

Fuk Wing means 'blessing of glory' and like its brother street, Fuk Wa, which means 'blessing for prosperity', this street means business!This is the home territory of the people from Chaozhou, in north-eastern Guangdong; the birthplace of Li Ka Shing, Hong Kong’s richest man.Li Ka Shing started his multimillion-dollar empire selling plastic flowers.Indeed, all along this section of Fuk Wing Street you’ll find plenty of stores selling plastic toys at bargain prices.

Our pick

Visit this street in the period up to the lunar new year to stock up on the auspicious decorative items: red coloured lanterns, intricate paper-cuts and symbols wishing you ‘good fortune’, ‘happiness’, ‘wealth’ and ‘longevity’.

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