iEat Happy Cream House

If it’s ice cream in Trinco, it’s Happy Cream

Everyone regardless of age, religion, or class, comes here.
— Uwais, owner

Sweet treats

Dessert and sweet shops are a big thing here and Happy Cream House is a local favourite. The place may be small, but the menu is huge, they serve over 60 varieties of desserts, ice cream and local sweets. They use a lot of nuts, fruits and different spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cloves to add taste and texture. The bestsellers here are the fruit salad ice cream and Faluda.

Muslim family business

Happy Cream House is a Muslim family business run by Uwais, his brother and his son. They’re originally from the Batticaloa district but came here in 2008 seeing the potential of Trinco as an East Coast hub. They get easily 100 customers or even more on a big day.

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