iSurprise Sanur Jetty

Your ferry ride to paradise islands

Your own slice of paradise

Sanur Beach is the departure and arrival point for trips to remote tropical islands Lembongan, Lombok and Gili. This is your gateway to paradise. With their crystal clear blue water and picture-perfect palm-fringed white beaches offer superb snorkelling, diving and surfing and a guaranteed mellow vibe; beware of falling coconuts.

Not higher than a coconut tree

A bit further down on the beach is Bali Beach Hotel, built by the Government of Japan in 1963. 11 storeys tall, it was Bali’s first ever high-rise, but locals didn’t like what they saw and passed a law to forbid construction taller than coconut trees. This law remains in effect today. When they built the hotel, one room was reserved for the Goddess of the Sea and never occupied by guests: room 327. In 1993 a fire destroyed most of the hotel, except for one room: room 327.

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