iSee Pura Mertasari

Secluded temple used for cleansing rituals

Cleansing the soul

Shaded by a huge tree is a small secluded temple. Built where the ocean meets the river, it is popular place for a melukat (holy bath) to cleanse from bad spirits. The temple may be small, but matters a lot to Sanur locals. It is the ‘head temple’ in this part of town and said to be charged with supernatural powers.

Full moon festival

Come here at Purnama Kedasa or full moon festival, when the temple is heaving with activity, processions and ceremonies.Or vitit on the days before Nyepi (the Balinese New Year), when temple guardians carry the holy attributes to the beach to be blessed and washed.

Visit on the days before Balinese New Year, when the temple guardians carry the holy scribes to the beach to be blessed and washed.

Mertasari Art Festival

Held for the first time in March 2015 the Mertasari festival has an impressive line-up of traditional and international artists, dance and music. Typical for Sanur’s close knit community is the festival atmosphere where the yogi crowd blends effortlessly with traditional musicians and local schoolchildren.

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