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Local priest houses, guardians of Balinese spiritual life

Black magic and high priests

For many years, Sanur was synomymous with black magic, a place where local high priests would battle it out in ‘magic power wars’. Even today Sanur is still known as the home of the high priests and this road is where many of them live. You can recognise the priest houses by the sumptuously deocated gates.

Sanur is known thoughout Bali as the home of the high priests.

Bale Banjar

The priest houses are at the heart of traditional Balinese community life. Each village is divided in several banjar, Sanur has 27. The banjar decides on dates for ceremonies, but also serves as the village police and community court. This is where local dsiputes are settled, from petty theft to divorces.

Good to know

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