iSee Lady Fatima Church

Famous historical Catholic Church

A joyous community

Pass the church in the evenings during the months leading up to Christmas and the chances are that you’ll hear the joyous sound of carols drifting through the crisp December air. Uniquely, in Burmese, English and also other ethnic Languages. The church is is a popular place among Sanchaung locals to unwind and sing together after a long day at school or in the office. “The church has always welcomed the greater community. Tamil, Chin, Cachin and Karen.It really is a diverse group. ” says one of the priests.

This was originally built to serve the Tamil community but now we have groups from Kachin, Chin, Karen who are also an active part of this church. It really is a diverse group.

The church’s stature

The Lady Fatima church was built for the burgeoning Tamil community who settled in Sanchaung since the 1920s. Commissioned by French Reverend Fr. Lesqere in 1937, the church took more than 15 years to complete because of the war. But it was not until the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was brought to Myanmar in 1951 and found a home here, that the Church got its soul. It has been an important Catholic landmark ever since.

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