iSurprise Fire Service Academy and Museum

History of heroes and a rare display of vintage firefighters equipment

History of heroes

The bright red vintage fire truck at the entrance looks like it is taken straight out a picture book. Dating back to the colonial days when equipment was shipped here from the UK, the truck is still in mint condition, like everything in this little gem of a museum. Browse through a large selection of equipment, uniforms, photographs and memorabilia and delve deep into the history of heroes.

It's not only men who are trained in the academy. We also have a lot of female fire safety specialists.

Hold your fire

This place is also a fire service academy. Here they train firefighter cadets and run public education and outreach programmes on fire safety. They frequently run demonstrations and simulations of active fire drills in the station. Any group can request these trainings and even better, they’re free! If you are local, you can even attend 5 week short course to be certified to be a fire safety expert.

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