iSee Victory Motor Service

Heyday of automobile servicing

Doctors cure people. I cure cars. There is mutual respect; it makes me proud
— Master Yip

Car doctor

Master Yip genuinely loves cars. "I will take time trying to find the problem and fix it with the least possible resources," he says. "One of my customers is a doctor. He cures people; I cure cars. There is mutual respect. It makes me proud." Mr Yip recalls working on a total loss vehicle. Step by step, hammering the shell and fixing the mechanics, he turned the car back to its original state. Much to his surprise—and that of the examiner—it even was reissued a road license!

Neighbourhood love

Victory Motors' home is an old, five-storey high shophouse. "In this neighbourhood, everyone knows each other and helps each other. I keep a key for the lady living upstairs and help her carry her bags."

Signature font

Mr Yip is a craftsman who treasures his hands. He insists on handwriting each of his receipts so he can keep practising his calligraphy skills.

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