iSurprise Street Art

Artistic work celebrating Sai Kung’s creative spirit

Art is everywhere

The street art gives Sai Kung an extra touch. We like the Sai Kung buffaloes by Gary (IG:@Sketchergaryyeung), the Central shop shutter by @simplebao, the VoNn shop shutter by Phili @Kalacove and the elderly care centre art by Cecile Marie Osborne.

The boss wanted to promote their products, he wanted to make the shop more colourful.
— Central Shop

Back in the days

“15 years ago, in Sai Kung, everyone had simple lives and not many people came to Sai Kung. There wasn’t that much transport to travel to Sai Kung and there wasn’t so much to see” says Amy who grew up in Sai Kung. How different is it now!

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