iShop Floating fish market

A daily market by the pier that serves what hongkongers love, fish!

Floating fish market

Mr Lo isn’t the type of fisherman, who sits at a pier to fish with a hook or trawls around a big heavy net. Like many Sai Kung fishermen, he has converted his speedboat into a floating fish market. He carries a selection of seafood, from brown mantis shrimps to bright red garoupa. ‘My biggest fish was 10kg, a nice big garoupa. I just sold it here’, Mr Lo smiles.

Daily routine

‘I’ll be in my boat at 5 am every day to go fishing‘, Mr Lo shares proudly. He sails 10 minutes away to his secret fishing spot. Once there, he drops his net and stays for 4-5 hours, catching his daily produce to sell at the pier.

I have been fishing for 40 years, I started when I was 10 years old.
— Mr Lo, fisherman

Changing currents

Mr Lo’s daily catch depends on currents, seasons and weather. ‘Some days – particularly in winter - there is little fish, he says. Sometimes I can only catch small fish or less-known fish such as pin-spotted spinefoots and lion head croakers. But in summer, there’s more catch.’

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