iSurprise Old Hill Road Urban Council

Where Fleur reminisces about her long-lost lover

"The worldly energy is too strong; I'm exhausted."
— Fleur

Since Fleur is a ghost, she can only spend seven days in the human world; the sunlight and worldly energy weaken her every day. On the seventh day, Yuen-Ting and Ah Chor find a tired Fleur at the urban council on Hill Road, where she is watching a Chinese opera because it reminds her of Chan. Will she finally see him again, and will her restless spirit find peace at last?

From the 1980s to now

The Hill Road Urban Council has become the Shek Tong Tsui Market and Cooked Food Centre. In the 1980s, the Shek Tong Tsui Municipal Services Building was also built here and still stands here to this day. Inside, you'll find a library and stadium.

So long, old Hong Kong?

No neighbourhood in Hong Kong is immune to gentrification. As you've traced Anita Mui's and Leslie Cheung's footsteps, you've witnessed how Shek Tong Tsui has lost a fair share of its heritage buildings. The area has become home to hip new hangouts, apartments and clunky commercial buildings. However, the spirit of old Hong Kong still lives on in its people, art and culture, in stories, photos, and movies like Rouge.

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