iSurprise Zamora Heritage House

Community pharmacy that was home to a great medical invention

Community drugstore

Dr Manuel Zamora’s claim to fame is that he invented the tiki-tiki extract, a cure for beriberi. The doctor came from modest beginnings. In 1908, he opened a drugstore and a small laboratory here on Hidalgo Street. He supplied the locals with medicine but spent much of his time studying what would become one of the most significant medical inventions of his time. In 1921, Dr. Zamora became the first dean of the medical faculty of University of Philippines, a position he held until his death.

Tree house

Sadly, the house is falling apart, like it has forgotten its famous resident… Ask the locals and they will show you what they think is the most outstanding feature of the house: the giant 60-year-old canopy tree that has grown around the roof and courtyard.

Tiki-tiki in a bottle

Dr Zamora’s famous vitamin syrup Tiki-Tiki was a godsend in difficult days and dramatically reduced infant mortality in the Philippines. The Bureau of Science distributed exactly 47,530 50cc bottles of the ‘magic potion’.

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