iEat Vienna Bakery

Manila’s oldest brick-fired bakery popular for pan de sal

Manila’s oldest surviving bakery

Vienna Bakery is the last remaining early 20th century bakery in Manila famous for its sweet and tasty pastries. Vienna Bakery’s claim to fame is they still use a ‘pugon’ a century-old brick oven to guarantee soft texture and deep flavour of the bread. Locals come here for the ensaymada (light bread with milk and butter spread), kopibun (coffee flavoured wheat bun) and pan de coco (sweet coconut stuffed bread).

Our favourite

Must-have here is pan de sal, a typical Filipino soft bread with a thin crust. Vienna starts baking pandesal at 6am and the popular buns will typically sell out by lunchtime. Locals traditionally pair their pandesal with butter or cheese for a light breakfast. Also popular dipped in coffee! Only 4 pesos per bun.

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