iShop The Workshop

Cool design shop & once-in-a-week party place

Ethnic cool accessories

This charming little shop is home to two home grown Manila brands LIANA ROSA and COLONY. Two young independent labels that create handcrafted accessories of leather, cotton and textiles. But what keeps locals coming back is not just the cool upcycled glass flasks with leather binding and handsome Don Pedro tote bags, but the Friday night neighbourhood parties!

Neigbourhood party

Workshop by day, party place by night! For those Friday nights that you don’t want to end. Drop by for a low-key open night for neighbours and. Check the fb page for the snaps!

Gin Buko

A workshop-proven recipe and must-try is Gin Buko. A wonderful mix of local gin and fresh coconut juice served in style. Tropical, light and delightful, and best of all: no hangovers...guaranteed!

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