iEat The Social

Unpretentious hub for art-appreciating foodies

Unpretentious food art

The Social has pop-ups where local food artists and designers can feature their works. The founders are staunch promoters of local industries and home-made products. But, this is not a high-brow art place, everyone is welcome in the Sunday beer garden with local lambanog food and craft beers.

We want to contribute to the Poblacion neighbourhood. To create a meaningful hub for food artists and an al fresco hangout place in Makati where people can socialise.
— Mike, founder

Artist space for lease

The Social doubles as an art space. The large mural is done by Eduardo Gerrera, a local indie artist and most of the furniture is recycled or sourced locally. “We want to bring in more local artists in-house. We need more places to exchange ideas and stuff. Makati is huge, but it is hard to just find a place where people can be themselves” says Eduardo.

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