iEat Tambai Yakitori

Skewer snack house & popular local hangout spot

Local skewer hangout hub

An incredibly popular local food spot and a great place for “tambay” (hangout) with skewers and beers.

Reviving street food culture

Tambai is celebrating the original street food culture that is slowly disappearing in Makati. Plastic chairs and tables are set on the street, food is grilled on big barbeques and conversations continue under the moonlight, just like in the province.

Old Sari-Sari store

Tambai was a game changer in Poblacion, one of the first eateries to set up shop in what was then still considered a shabby district. Owners Melvin Viceral and Franco Ocampo converted an old “sari-sari store” into a happening bbq house but they kept the unassuming facade and relaxed atmosphere of the classic mom and pop store, so typical for Manila’s inner-city neighbourhoods.

Must try!

Traditional Filipino barbeque gets a twist here. The chicken skewers are excellent, but make sure to also try something a bit more adventurous like tofu or grilled garlic cloves with fresh basil. For the more daring souls there are pork intestines and chicken gizzards. A meal for two with beers sets you back 300P.

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