iSee Sts. Peter & Paul Parish

Picturesque stone-faced church, the oldest one in Makati

Two centuries old, but young at heart

This small gothic church is the oldest church in the Makati but is still hugely popular today. Built out of stone, pebbles and seashells by early Spanish Jesuits it makes for a picturesque wedding location.

The Word of God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. But we continue to uplift the façade of the parish, so more people are coming here.
— Fr. Gerardo Santos, Parish Priest.

Come here on a random Sunday and find hordes of young people dance to ‘Panatang Sayaw’ songs to bless the Virgin Mary.

Priced ancient relics

The churches’ most priceless religious treasure - the ivory head and hands of the Virgen de la Rosa - mysteriously went missing some years ago, but the original church bells and 400-year old altarpieces are still intact.

Bar hopping sisters

This church is truly at the heart of the community. Located in the middle of Makati’s red-light district, one of the more respected church programs is the Gabayan program to provide shelter and guidance for prostitutes. Word has it that the sisters went bar hopping to spread the word…

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