iSurprise San Francisco Pumping Station

Street art for change at the Pasig River

Reviving Pasig River through art

The San Francisco pumping station by the river is Poblacion’s newest artistic highlight. It is part of the Pasig River Art for Urban Change Initiativethat has turned nine ordinary utility buildings along the Pasig River into canvasses for artists.

Inspiring creative urbanisation

Goal of the project is to draw attention to the river as a historically important transportation route and water source in Metro Manila. In the end it’s all about reviving the river. So once again people can enjoy the waterfront and use the river for transport.

Moral of the mural

The mural is by Luigi Almuena, the founding member of The Very Good Gang Artists’ Collective. An advertising professional turned artist, Luigi explores the truth behind the mass media industry.

With this mural Luigi illustrates the Manila poverty gap, the big brands versus the social realities surrounding the river’s neighbourhoods. “This mural is a reflection of the reality behind the billboards and commercials. Many locals of Pasig are not able to afford the brands, yet they will see them everyday” he says.

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