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Home cooked food at this original local favourite

Home cooked comfort food

Every weekend, when the brothers were hanging out at their home, friends and neighbours would pop by to try their mother’s food. This is how in 1975 the carinderia was born.

My mom is from Bicolanos family. For anyone who grew up in Poblacion in the early days This restaurant is a taste of home cooked comfort food.

This family-run establishment used to be a in a small wooden shack, but the father kept adding floors as the place grew more popular.

For so many Makati locals this eatery is a place of special memories, particularly among the crowd of the nearby St. Paul College of Makati. This was the place for afternoon ice cream and celebratory meals with classmates and family.

Our favourites

Bicol is famous across the Philippines for its spicy food. For anyone who likes those red hot chilli peppers, this is your place. Locals keep coming back here for the Bicol Express (salty shrimps with pork and finger chillies) and authentic Laing (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and ginger).The prices range from 40-100 peso.

Nice to know!

In the old days this was a Spanish stronghold, even until after World War II. There even was a Spanish homecare here in Poblacion.

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