iSurprise DULO

Creative hub with culinary art and experimental music

Creative cafe

Imagine a café that is exactly what you want it to be, day or night. At DULO people can twist things to how they want it. Anything goes, from experimental music to talks and workshops.

Home for a diverse crowd

Call on the millennials, the working class and the expats! DULO is designed to reach the entire creative spectrum from the ones who are simply curious about art and ones seeking a creativity thrill. Everyone who appreciates creativity is welcome here.

The founders - one hopelessly chaotic, the other super-organised - found their complementarity and that’s also how they like the space to work. Rae, one of the founders said that the concept was a space flexible to the needs of the community which serves top of the line products at the magic middle price range. The café magically transforms into a bar, an art exhibit or a performance hub. Make sure to come back at night to check out its different personalities!

Experimental culinary art

At DULO all food is made from scratch, using only local ingredients. Don’t miss the monthly kitchen takeover for unique recipes by culinary artists!

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