iSee Casa Hacienda Park

Historic esplanade by the Pasig river

Casa Hacienda

This park is named after the old Casa de Hacienda de San Pedro de Makati, the old house of Captain Pedro who founded Poblacion and later the base from where the Ayala family slowly grew Makati’s modern business district as we know it today.

For more than a century the casa was the thriving heart of Poblacion. First a residence, then an office, later a hat factory, a dormitory and an extension for the Makati Fire Station. After the war when the Ayala’s turned their land banks into high rise office towers the casa was demolished and made into a public plaza and park.

Riverside esplanade

Although little evidence remains of Old Makati, the recently renovated park still serves as a popular community space and provides one of the best views of the Pasig River.

Eco-friendly renovation

The recent renovation of the park doubled as an environmental protection initiative, making sure that also the river is protected. As part of a special Pasig River Rehabilitation Initiative, nearby estuaries were cleaned and made into floating gardens.

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