iShop Malwatta Road

Shoes, bags and travel luggage for your next train journey

Prime location, many trades

Front Street is the first road one enters coming in from the port area or getting out of the Fort Railway Station. Business has always been brisk at this strategic location with traders settling on the sides of the streets. “They were mainly migrants from the South. In the early days they paid one rupee and 50 cents to the Colombo Municipal Council” according to Mr. Ratnasiri of the Suhada Trade Association. “After the 1977 election, the open economy ushered in a 'cassette' era. The entire Front Street was dominated by music stores. There were more than 60 shops” says W. J. de Alwis, who owns 'CD Music World' since 1978. As the years went on DVD’s took over and these days it’s mainly shoes and bags.

What to buy?

Front Street is a good place to pick up quality leather bags and shoes, watches and luggage for your train journey. At #29 is the Batik Centre, that interestingly enough doesn't sell batik but good camera equipment and shiny bangles.

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