iSurprise Khan Clock Tower

The tower that tells where Pettah begins

“A token of affectionate gratitude dedicated to the citizens of Colombo, the tower was Khan’s gift to the city”

Local landmark

Marking the entrance to Pettah market for nearly a century, the four-storey high tower was built by the wealthy Kahn family of Bombay, which owned the Colombo Oil Mills and several other lucrative business interests in town. The original tower was much grander, it even had a fountain!

Streat eats

The Clock Tower occupies a roundabout that pins down the main causeways leading into the area. Old, run-down buildings flank it on one side, and opposite the tower, along York Street, there is an interesting stretch of old betting shops and watch repairers and it’s also a great place to try some pickled fruits (achcharu) from the manty street vendors. In this country, anything and everything that can be pickled is pickled, from fruit, ripe or raw, and vegetables, to meat and fish. Try and be surprised by the tangy sweet, sour and spicy flavour palette.

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