iShop Dam Street

The place for pots, pans, cake tins and lots of bicycles

Dam Street has an old community feel. Shops have been passed down the hands of generations

Home baking & home making

Dam Street is the place for your home accessories. Pots, pans, buckets, mops, irons, toasters, gas cookers and what not. The next thing Dam St has you covered for is all your baking needs, sweeteners, artificial colourings and candies. Pettah Essence Suppliers dominate the trade. With two huge outlets selling everything from frankincense to mini figs. Barrels upon barrels of fresh essences greet your nostrils as you walk in. In the unlikely event, they don’t have what you need here, they’ll surely be able to tell you where you can find it. If it even exists.The area has an old community feel. Shops have been passed down the hands of generations. And often, elderly former bosses will still hang around their stores which are now run by their sons, just out of habit. In some places the whole family gets involved in the trade, and grandmas will willingly man (or is it woman?) sales counters.

And some bicycles

Keep walking North along Dam Street and you are now surrounded by bicycles. Shops selling everything from road bikes, mountain bikes to BMX bikes. Mr Zeenam of New Cycle Trade Centre on Dam Street says: “We sell bikes, but we also de repairs and can hook you up with all the bike-parts you might ever need.”

Methodist church

At the very end the street widens up considerably. And the two-hundred-year-old facade of the Methodist Church looks out stately out of its grandiose, anglo-palladian facade. Back in Colonial times, Dam Street was host to large institutions such as Methodist schools which were subsequently moved away as trade got too busy.

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