iEat Gali Thai Food

Authentic Thai food in a Kee-lau

Colours of Thailand

This authentic Thai eatery is housed in an old arcade building. Step inside, and you'll feel like you're in the old town of Phuket – God's overturned palette. The first floor of this richly decorated, highly picturesque restaurant is red, the second floor is green, and the third floor is yellow.

We chose to open a Thai food restaurant in a residential area, which seems to be a very successful attempt.

We Recommend

The chicken curry with ancient bread for dipping is an incredibly satisfying combo. Sticky mango rice is a dish you can't miss when you eat Thai food, and at Gali, it comes plated in three colours! The sticky rice is delicate, while the glutinous rice is sweet, chewy and just asking to be generously drizzled with coconut milk. We also highly recommend the pandan leaf ice road bun, crispy slices of toast filled with pandan ye coconut milk and just the right amount of butter.

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