iDrink Dayang Original Stew

Famous coconut stew soup

Hello, old Canton

Entering this little shop feels like taking a trip back to old Canton. Very little has changed since it opened its doors over 30 years ago, from its lacquered signboard and hand-painted menu on the wall to the steamers and, last but definitely not least, the food itself.

We recommend

While here, make sure to try the original coconut stewed silkie, the restaurant's signature dish. To enjoy its fresh flavours to the max, cut the coconut open, add the silkie (one kind of chicken, which skin is dark) and put the top back on so the coconut water will steam it. When you uncover the soup, a deliciously sweet scent will tempt you to start slurping away right away!

Cantonese people like to drink soup the most, we used to come here after school to drink soup, but we didn't expect that it had not changed for decades.

Other great choices

The coconut-stewed bamboo silkie or any other stewed delicacies on offer—water duck, free-range chicken, stewed rabbit meat and turtle paste, to name but a few—are dishes you won't regret trying!

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