iEat Yung Kee Restaurant

Internationally acclaimed roast goose

A shooting star

What started as a little daipaidong (大排檔) at Wing Lok Street in late 1930s has become a world-renowned restaurant Yung Kee, which officially opened doors in 1942. Frequented by celebrities and diplomats, Yung Kee earned Fortune Magazine’s recognition as ‘Top 15 Restaurants in the World’ with its signature roast goose as best-seller already back in 1968. They serve over 200 a day!

A delicate craft

The Old Mr Kam’s roasting skills still rule. To maintain the high quality, Yung Kee only uses black-haired geese that weigh 5kg and are 30-40 days old. The geese are roasted on-site with charcoal from Singapore for 45 minutes. Fresh out of roasting, they will be served to customers when they’re cooled to 65 degrees to make sure the meat is juicy. Each dish is then paired with homemade plum sauce and marinade sauce that follows a secret recipe.

Secret to success

Second-generation owner Kam explains the keys to success at Yung Kee: the classic recipes, fresh ingredients, sincere service, great relationships with suppliers and employees, but most importantly, stick to the charcoal roasting technique!

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