iSurprise Swasti Eco Cottages

A slice of eco-paradise amidst the paddy fields

Om swastiastu

Swasti Eco cottage is a wonderful little piece of eco-paradise with its own organic garden.Swasti meaning ‘health’ has a delicious eco-friendly restaurant, brightly designed bungalows and cottages, a restorative spa, and a peaceful yoga shala. This is the place for vegan dishes, healthy Indonesian options, and ultra-fresh and organic choices.

Eco management

Swasti practices eco-friendly measures including recycling, chemical free cleaning, composting organic waste, and worm farming.The swasti’s are an animal friendly bunch; don’t be surprised to see a cat or rabbit hopping around during your yoga class or the goats playing lawnmower trimming the grass on the grounds.

Sleeping in tranquillity

Like what you see? Why not sleep in one of the colourful cottages and bungalows made from 100% recycled wood from Java, and inspired by the carvings created by native Indonesians over 100 years ago.

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