iSurprise Panchoran Villa

Jungle paradise of Bali’s bamboo queen

Eat, Pray, Love

Remember that beautiful villa where Julia Roberts stayed? Yes, you guessed it, it’s Panchoran villa! The name of this privately owned villa means ‘water spring’ and it’s is a masterpiece of sustainable design.

Bamboo Queen

This 25-acre estate was designed by Irish-born Linda Garland. Garland who was locally known as the ‘Bamboo Queen’. She constructed it entirely out of bamboo and recycled materials using strands of Indonesia's entire genetic stock of bamboo, some 200 species in all. “I want to promote the use of bamboo as an alternative to wood in decoration and architecture,” says Garland, who was a true bamboo pioneer. When she was diagnosed with cancer, Linda sold Panchoran and moved to the remote island of Rote. She passed away in January 2017.

Green School

Garland was also the mastermind behind the Environmental Bamboo Foundation back in 1993, which firmly put bamboo on the map and inspired many others to work with bamboo, like John Handy the creator of Green School.

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