iDrink Wonderwall Coffee

Homely coffee and wine bar in one of Macao’s most scenic streets

Cosy coffee bar

Wonderwall is one of the newcomers to Rua de Volong, bringing a unique al fresco coffee experience to one of Macau’s most scenic streets. Grab a cuppa and a home baked pastry and watch the world go by. The industrial, chic joint also serves wine and craft beers from around the world and holds regular jazz and music nights.

The coffee shop turns into a jazz cafe at night.

Our favourites

You can’t go wrong with the espresso’s, hot or iced or a nice cold Super Bock beer. However, the one most excellent one must be the popmallow coffee: slightly burned on top (giving it a caramelised scent) and with a marshmallow, this coffee also includes milk and it’s served hot.

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