iSee Fort Frederick Entrance

Where it all began

Vandaag open ik de deur naar het verleden. Today, I open the door to the past.
— Nicholas, Dutch Soldier

About the gate

This gate was the only entry into the Fort, a Dutch enclave in those days. The Dutch, when they defeated the Portuguese in 1639 practically demolished the triangular-shaped structure in the battle. Not until about 20 years later, they built a new five-star fort with a moat.

The name Fort Frederick dates back to the British period. We think the Brits, who took power from the Dutch in 1795 named the fort after Frederick North, the first governor of British Ceylon or maybe it was Frederick Augustus, the Duke of York and Albany, the second son of George III, King of the United Kingdom.

The gate symbolizes many historical chapters of the past, a place filled with memories of power battles between kings, traders, soldiers and sailors all vying for a piece of the spice trade.

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