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Nostalgic snacks in old school bakery

Lei Yue Mun was more barren back in the day. I loved to run and climb on the rocks and in the mountains.
— Ada, Baker

Fresh local favourites

Want to bring home an authentic and tasty souvenir from Lei Yue Mun? Then you're at the right place! Try the almond cakes and pork biscuits, two true local favourites. Shui Heung Yuen was founded by the old Lee Kui in the 1960s. Stories about cheap rent and well-to-do clientele of the seafood restaurants lured him to Lei Yue Mun to open a bakery.

Timeless tools

Lee Kui's daughter Ada took over the business when he retired. She decided to keep the old-school bakery exactly the way it was. "We have been using the same wooden rolling pins for 40 years, the oven does not even have a timer or temperature control, it all boils down to the baker’s experience," she says. Ada remembers what it was like to grow up here. "Lei Yue Mun was more barren in those days. I loved to run and climb the rocks and in the mountains."

What to buy?

Apart from Shui Heung Yuen's almond cake and pork biscuit, the ‘wife cake’ is a must-try as well! This classic Hong Kong delicacy is a pastry made of fine flour filled with winter melon paste and sesame. "This cake is the most difficult pastry to make," Ada explains. "You have to prepare the fillings and then the paste. Each round takes about 20 minutes of baking.”
The 'phoenix roll' comes highly recommended as well. These square-shaped pastries are all individually cut with a special fork!

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