iSee Ling Nam Sun Tsuen

A vanished Kuomintang village

Home of migrants

It may be hard to imagine, but where the grand residential towers of Lei Yue Mun Estate stand, used to be a crowded little village back in the 1960s. Kuomintang soldiers and their families who fled the civil war in China came to Hong Kong and settled right here, at the foot of Devil’s Peak.

The flag

Instantly recognisable by the Kuomintang flag flying at the village entrance gate, this was a tight-knit community with its own plastic and rattan factories, stores and other facilities. The village was demolished in 1997 to make room for the Lei Yuen Mun Estate. The public toilet is the village's only original remaining structure.

Kuomintang heritage

The village had a monumental seven-meter-tall entrance gate bearing the party emblem. Its supporting columns carried party slogans: 'Brothers on the hill work hard to make a living' (嶺上難胞辛苦耕耘皆自力) and 'Southern soldiers bear the shame and listen to the authority for now' (南中壯士忍辱偷生暫從權 ) a reminder of the remarkable history of the village.

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