iSee Tai Wong Ye Temple

An elegant temple with delicate tile tableaus

Lively temple on the hill

Tai Wong Ye Temple is one of the most elegant temples in the city. The exquisite murals and the tile tableaus at the entrance are fine artworks that you don’t see often in other places. It may seem strange to find such a delicate structure in this working-class neighbourhood, but it was originally located near Kowloon City, built in the honour of a brave Sung dynasty general who had supernatural powers.

The fire keeps burning

Kwun Tong has a large Chiu Chow community, so this temple is always busy with worshippers. “This temple is always expanding,” says Mr. Ma of the temple’s management committee “It’s a lively place, we have a celebration or ceremony nearly every month, and of course the Yulan Festival, the most important of all.”

Neighbourhood guardian

The Dei Zong Wong statue was the only item that survived the 1972 landslides unscratched and has since become the neighbourhood guardian. His birthday is a big thing in the local community, the festivities can take up to 13 days!

It’s a lively place, we have a festival or ceremony nearly every month, and of course the Yulan Festival is the most important of all
— Mr. Ma

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