iSee Public Records Building

A glimpse into Hong Kong's early days

Reminiscing the past

Want to know more about the early days of Hong Kong? Have a peak into the city’s past? The Public Records Office is the ideal place to start, featuring a collection of over 8,000 historic photographs from 1830-1900.

The massive collection

Open since 1997, this is a history lover’s treasure trove. The archive contains 80 million documents and 28,000 books on the history of the city, ranging from newspapers, videos and photographs to government publications and maps.

Cool snaps from the old days

A great place if you look for old pictures, including an entire photo album of the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. "I visit the museum often. What touches me most are the stories about rooftop school and squatter huts,” says Auntie Wah, a resident of the nearby Tsui Ping Estate.

I visit the museum sometimes and the part that really knocked me out was the stories about rooftop school and wooden and squatter huts
— Auntie Wah
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