iSurprise KMB Kwun Tong Depot

Abandoned bus depot, an iconic Kwun Tong landmark

There were two yarn mills right in front of the depot, they all turned into commercial offices now
— Mr. Ho

The last bus left

Along the busy Hau Ming Street is a huge abandoned car park. What feels like a grungy urban movie set, is the old KMB bus depot. One of biggest in the city, from this depot KMB operated all its routes in Kowloon East. The last busses left in 1990 and the iconic depot is now awaiting its faith. It will be demolished and replaced by a new extension of Millennium City, #8.

Kwun Tong High Street

In late 1980s, Kwun Tong was a vibrant industrial area. Both sides of the street were lined with hawkers and traders. Retired bus driver Mr. Ho still recalls the old days: “This was a famous place, there were yarn mills and beads factories right in front of the depot, the air quality was not good, but was always busy with workers. Now they’ve all turned into commercial buildings”.

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